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Combining experience, expertise and enthusiasm

Two strong brand names that have now really joined forces. CityD and WES were already linked through an equity relationship.
Today, all consultancy activities are bundled under the flag of CityD-WES NV.

About CityD

CityD has been around for more than 15 years and started as the pacesetter in the field of centre management, core reinforcement and retail policy. Today, in Belgium and Flanders, CityD focuses on the integral support and A-to-Z guidance of cities and municipalities, traders, developers and other market parties in the realisation of policy, investment and location decisions. From early research about strategic choices to bold action plans for urban functions or projects, that’s the journey CityD takes you on.

About WES

WES, also known as WES Research & Strategy, has been a fixture in the field of spatial-economic research, strategy development and market research for over 60 years. WES’s mission has remained the same throughout all these years: to help government organisations respond appropriately to changes and opportunities in the work and urban environment, based on up-to-date information, targeted studies and appropriate strategies and action plans. Starting off as a research department of the province of West Flanders, nowadays WES serves dozens of companies, cities and municipalities, knowledge institutions and social organisations in the Netherlands and abroad, with special attention to the fields of tourism, leisure, real estate and market strategy.

5 pillars, 2 brands, 1 approach

CityD-WES Group has two branches (Bruges and Houthalen-Helchteren)
and a team of experts in the following fields, our five pillars:

  • Local Economy & Retail
  • Tourism & Leisure
  • Real Estate & Area Development
  • City Marketing & Centre Management
  • Market Strategy & Market Research

Depending on your specific questions or challenge, we play out our brand names
and put the best team together for you.

The 2 brands that make CityD-WES Group

CityD logo

The brand CityD-WES brand refers to challenges of and opportunities for the urban development, regardless of whether the demand comes from a government or a private player.

The common denominator is invariably that the result of our work can contribute to strengthening the economic and social dynamics in regions, cities and municipalities.

Feasibility and desirability of and for urban facilities are central to this. Support is always sought between various levels of government and private market parties.

CityD comes ‘outside’, to the customer, the resident, the investor and the tourist.

DataD logo

The DataD brand appeals to companies and organisations that wish to explore new market opportunities.

It supports companies and organisations that need objective analyses in the search of a new identity or positioning, want to thoroughly prepare expansion plans or want to map out the feasibility of investments.

DataD looks at the intrinsic qualities of a company or organisation and offers itself as a sparring partner in determining the right organisational or market-driven choices.

DataD approaches the companies, the real estate parties and the retailers.

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